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Traditionalists - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

by Gwendolyn Taunton on Monday, April 22, 2013 7:27 PM

Primordial Traditions - TraditionalistsTraditionalism seems to be very much in vogue as a term to brandish around on the internet and in certain music scenes – often by people who are unaware of what it is. Perversely, as it becomes more and more popularised, it is effectively reducing its chances of ever being taken serious. Largely this has to do with some of the people whom are referring to themselves as ‘Traditionalists’, and  are applying the label to themselves erroneously.

In this regard there are three main types of 'Traditionalist' – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

The Good

Real Traditionalists

These people are the real Traditionalists who are interested primarily in philosophy, religion and the preservation of culture  – they are people who understand the word Traditionalism as a modern term for perennial philosophy. These types will belong to a Spiritual Tradition and practice it, whether it be Hindu, Pagan, Buddhist etc. Hence they are ‘Traditionalists’ because they belong to a Spiritual Tradition and adhere to the values of their respective culture. For them, this is the primary aspect.

The Bad

Internet Revolutionaries

The second type of Traditionalist is the Internet Revolutionary. This sort of person espouses some sort of political cause, but doesn't really care about the Tradition or its individual members, and rather loiters around trying to recruit members for his website/organisation, offers up some impractical political treatise loosely based on a Tradition and distorts it out of all perspective to support an open and obvious political agenda. The notable hallmark of this type is that their ‘group’ will exist only in two places – the internet and their imagination. All they care about is nurturing their own cognitive dissonance and they use Tradition as a tool to attempt to enhance their own legitimacy because they know it is powerful - but only in the right hands. In the hands of the Internet Revolutionaries it is completely impotent.

The Ugly

Credibility Assassins

The second type is the Credibility Assassin. This person is capable of rendering any statement you make sound ludicrous by adding a preposterous sentence to the end which will negate everything you say. They will utter some completely ridiculous idea, and then proudly proclaim they are a Traditionalist, thus casting everyone else in a dubious light.

It is very difficult for Traditionalism to taken serious as an intellectual movement if people are continuously encountering undesirables with completely incomprehensible theories and nonsensical interpretations of Traditionalism. For example, we have people out there basing Traditionalism on Science Fiction films, song lyrics, and their own usually lengthy list of personal prejudices – this is not a good scenario, and there needs to be some clear demarcation as to what is Traditional and what is not in order to prevent this event continuously arising.

Both the Bad and the Ugly Traditionalists will make everyone else around them appear stupid. 

The Internet Revolutionary will suddenly blurt out something about their grandiose ancestry to a fictional place that doesn't exist, bestow a pompous title on themselves and have you distributing leaflets about assorted conspiracy theories for the rest your life so they can retire as Cakravartin whilst the good thralls work to support them via ‘donations’.  The Internet Revolutionary will ham it up big time ' the European race will die' if you don’t join his online forum which is the sole salvation for the Western world. Tradition will be ruined, and it will be your fault.

If the Internet Revolutionary senses labour value in you, you will be promoted to admin or get to write a blog or some other useless task where you labour for very long hours with no reward. Oh, and I forget to mention – he also will have no ideas other than concepts which revolve around assorted minority groups. So unless you really enjoy unpaid slavery for futile political causes, I’d strongly suggest skipping the Internet Revolutionary.

The Credibility Assassin is less sinister but no less dangerous. You can be sitting there, having a serious discussion with people whose opinion you value and respect – then suddenly he’s there discussing Blavatsky’s root races, how this relates to UFO’s, the supremacy of the Solar Nordic Hyperborean Tradition - and he also likes to yodel runes naked. Next thing you know, suddenly people aren't talking to you anymore due to your association with the guy who rants about ancient Aryan nude rune yodelling.

 Your intellectual credibility has been shot down to zero by his mere presence.

For a while you find it humorous to indulge the Credibility Assassin, but people tend to associate ‘like with like’, and his absurdity will inevitably be classified as your own – therefore no matter how nice their personality is, pretty, rich or whatever else they might going for them, the Credibility Assassin will reduce your social credibility factor down to zero.

For those of us who actually want to be taken seriously, both the Internet Revolutionary and the Credibility Assassin are extremely detrimental. Notably the two often travel in tandem – the Credibility Assassin, finding that eventually no one can tolerate their rambling, finds companionship with the Internet Revolutionaries, who will usually put with anything, as long as someone  is obedient and performs unpaid labour for their 'cause'. This is a double effect if you are twice cursed with both of these types – you get the folly of the minions and the cognitive dissonance of the pseudo-politicians.

Therefore it is wise for people who have an genuine interest in Traditionalism (of the Perennial Philosophy) variety, not to associate themselves with  pseudo-political movements which exist only online and have no chance of ever being functional in the real world. That is not to say that Traditionalists should be not be interested in politics – but rather that is time they got serious about it and stopped allowing the Internet Revolutionaries to take our ideas, distort them and use as a mere political tool. If you are interested in politics, look at credible organisations not ones that are utterly implausible. Find people who know what they are talking about and have been active in real political movements or studied political science.

Most of the ideas spread by the Credibility Assassins also arise from Internet Revolutionaries - the misuse of Tradition to support pseudo-politics. Instead of adopting a genuine Traditional or cultural perspective, rather they present mix-matched  statements taken out of context to support pseudo-politics, and ironically are devoid of anything at all except nigh on one hundred year old propaganda.

In both cases, ties to the land, culture, language etc are completely disregarded – all that remains is a hollow, sham form of Nationalism dressed up in pseudo-political farce and masqueraded as ‘Traditionalism’ – without any real spiritual content or intellectual merit whatsoever.

Ominous words? Indeed. The Internet Revolutionary’s have the capacity to ruin everything, for everyone and drag one of the world’s oldest schools of intellectual thought through the mud. And while they encourage the Credibility Assassins to spout out more nonsense, where will you be? Doing something constructive, or handing out leaflets?

There are only three choices – one leads to victory, the other two to certain ruin  and you are the deciding factor in the history of Tradition.

Will you save Tradition or destroy it?

Gwendolyn Taunton

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